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About Us

Allied Inventors manages a portfolio of intellectual property assets and equity investments in early-stage companies.  Our patent and equity portfolio covers a wide spectrum of technology areas such as wireless, semiconductors, and construction technology.

Allied Inventors, LLC, is the operating subsidiary of Allied Inventors Fund, LLC, (the “Fund”).  Established in 2007, the Fund’s objective is to develop prominent technologies and to monetize the technologies.  The Fund is managed by Allied Inventors Management, LLC, and has capital commitment of over $600 million from about 30 institutional investors, comprised mainly of leading endowments and foundations in the US.


We are a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds focused on making our innovative technologies available to companies worldwide to enhance the performance and value of their products.  Our creativity shines in our innovations and in the range of commercial relationships we can develop for customers to benefit from our inventions and IP assets.   

the team
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