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Material and Chemistry Portfolio

Our Materials and Chemistry portfolio is quite extensive and diverse. Some of the challenges addressed by the portfolio technologies are:


  • New Methods to Process Graphene

  • Uniform Illuminating Materials

  • Real-Time Chemical Monitoring of Aquatic Environments

  • Sustainable Food Packaging

  • Miniaturization of Chemical Processes

  • Novel Materials for Stretchable or Flexible User Interfaces

  • Air Purification in Confined Spaces

  • Durable, Self-cleaning Hydrophilic Paints

  • Chemical Building Blocks from Biorefineries

  • Recycling of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs)

  • Water Use Reduction in the Dye and Ink Process

  • Nanoparticle Pollution: Prevention, Identification, and Clean-Up

  • Self-cleaning Materials

  • Nanopattern Coating Methods

  • High Value Products Derived from Lignin

  • Miniaturized Sensors for Real Time Air Quality Monitoring

  • Water Treatment for Contaminated Rivers and Lakes

  • Environmentally Benign Adhesives

  • Mercury Monitoring, Abatement and Replacement

  • Tagging and Tracking Solutions for Recycling

  • Solutions for Next Generation Additive Manufacturing

  • Development of Low Cost Production Technique for Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) with Uniform Characteristics

  • In-Cell Technology for Display Applications

  • Removing Bisphenol-A From Your Diet

  • Environmentally-friendly Wood Preservatives

  • Thermostatic Food Packaging

  • Recycling Coated Thermoplastics

  • Embedded Chemical Sensors

  • Producing Graphene on an Industrial Scale

  • Food Safety Monitoring

  • CO2 Conversion to High Value Chemicals

  • Biomass Pretreatment for Commoditization

  • Battery Recycling and Reclamation

  • How Can the Characteristics of Quantum Dots Be Used to Solve the Semiconductor Process Problems

  • Compact Air Quality Sensors and Monitoring Systems

  • Reducing the Environmental Impact of Detergents

  • Ultra-Lightweight Materials for Consumer Electronics

  • Electronic Waste

  • Reducing the Impact of Halogenated Refrigerants

  • Printable Optoelectronics

  • Beauty Electronics for Hair and Skin Applications

Please click here to see a list of subset of our Materials and Chemistry Portfolio.

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