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Allied Inventors' Graphene IP Portfolio

Allied Inventors is looking to monetize its Graphene IP portfolio consisting of 87 patents and pending applications through licenses or sale of the patent package. Over 91% of the patent portfolio has been granted in multiple jurisdictions including the US, China, Germany Japan, and India.

Allied Inventors curated its technology portfolio by partnering with a large network of inventors from well-known universities, research institutions, and companies. In developing its Graphene IP portfolio, AI sourced novel technologies relevant to producing quality large scale Graphene, detecting Graphene defects, and using Graphene for a variety of applications.  The resulting IP portfolio consists patents related to Graphene manufacture and Graphene applications like batteries, filtration, and nanoparticle composites.

Please click here to review a list of IP assets.

Please click here to download an introductory document about the technologies covered in the portfolio. 

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